Customer service

Superfecta Trading is committed to providing service of exceptional quality on a continuous basis to all our customers. We passionately pursue customer satisfaction through latest technology, quality, cost, responsiveness and attitude.

Employee participation

Teamwork at all levels is recognised as being vital to the long-term success of the company. All employees are encouraged to participate in the company’s future success, in line with the promise that ‘we do it now’.

Honesty, integrity and reliability

Superfecta Trading 209 cc will:

  • Always communicate openly and honestly, while simultaneously behaving with dignity, trust and respect. The interests of the company will always be the priority.
  • Provide a non-discriminatory, healthy and safe working environment, which will allow for:
    – The growth and development of our people
    – Creativity and innovation

Employees are encouraged to seek creative and innovative solutions to workplace problems and to pursue ideas and suggestions that will contribute to increased customer satisfaction and the promotion of the company’s strategic objectives.

Growth and value

Superfecta is committed to growing revenue across a diversified customer base and increasing stakeholder value through superior returns.


Superfecta is committed to recognising employees who achieve excellence and is also committed to career-planning for employees.